Focus on Energy, in partnership with WPS, offers energy-efficiency rebates and programs to help homeowners reduce their energy use and costs.

Program Name Who Is It For What Is Included Investment Required
Appliance Recycling Residents looking to get rid of an old (working) fridge or freezer $40 check & FREE Pick-up of Refrigerator or Freezer No
Express Energy Efficiency
(Program is offered in various communities at various times of the year)
Residents interested in FREE Energy- Saving Products for their homes Offers a selection of FREE Energy Saving Products including CFL light bulbs and more. No
Lighting & Appliances Residents looking for in-store discounts on Energy Efficient Products Special Discount Pricing on CFLs and Clothes Washers at Participating Retailers. Yes
Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®* Residents interested in knowing if their homes are wasting energy Professional Home Energy Assessment and instant discounts available on recommended air-sealing and insulation improvements. Yes
Residential Rewards & Enhanced Rewards* Residents looking to replace heating & cooling equipment and attic insulation Cash-Back Rewards ($100-$1,100) from Focus on Energy when installing qualified energy efficient heating and cooling equipment and attic insulation. Yes
Renewable Rewards Residents ready to invest in renewable energy equipment Cash-Back Rewards from Focus on Energy when installing qualified Geothermal Heat Pumps and Solar Electric Systems. Yes
New Homes Residents interested in building a new home Work with a certified Focus on Energy builder to ensure your new home is comfortable, combustion safe, energy efficient, and durable. Yes

* Special offers for income qualified customers.

Express Energy Efficiency Customer, Thomas Tucker

Congratulations to Thomas Tucker, the 30,000th customer to take advantage of the WPS and Focus on Energy Express Energy-Efficiency Program!

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